Hero energy mints

In a world where energy products are dominated by sugary, expensive, mono-tasting canned drinks, HERO Energy is creating a refreshing new stand!

Our proprietary product is the HERO Energy Mint. They are specially designed with the highest quality energized ingredients to give you an immediate boost and sustain performance at times of physical and mental exertion.

HERO Energy mints are chewable mints that contain high levels of
Caffeine (80mg), blended with Taurine and B vitamins. The active ingredients help to speed up your metabolism and sharpen your senses, which can increase your stamina and vitality.

Effects will depend largely on your regular consumption of caffeine and energy drinks, as well as your current levels of energy. HERO Energy mints can be very effective when tired to help revitalise and awaken you.


Here is a little bit more about the key ingredients:

  • Caffeine – Increases alertness and concentration, reduces perceived effort and stimulates the metabolism which increases the use of fatty acids as fuel.
  • B Vitamins- Assists mental performance. Ease stress and reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Taurine – Fights the effects of fatigue, acts as an antioxidant, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol and strengthens the ability of the heart and eyes.

HERO Energy Mints have more than all the normal advantages of energy drinks in an easy to use format

  • Instant and sustained energy to enhance endurance and performance
  • Increase concentration
  • No energy crash due to no sugar (like typical energy drinks)
  • Stimulates metabolism and breaks down fat with the high dose of Caffeine
  • A great fresh flavour through natural peppermint extract that fights bad breath and tooth decay.
  • One mint = one whole energy drink. That means each tin of HERO Energy Mints is the equivalent of 12 cans of the leading energy drink.

As you can see, we are turning the energy product industry on its head. We know there is another option to sugary, expensive, mono-tasting canned drinks; HERO Energy Mints are that other option.

HERO Energy Mints – A New Way Of Thinking.

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